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S³ Balance Device

S³ Balance

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Take a Stand Against Falls.

S³ Balance® (S³) is a standing balance, strength, flexibility training device as well as self-transfer device invented by a Doctor of Physical Therapy for those at risk of falls and disability as well as reducing strain on people caring for them. 

  • Scalable Group Exercise: Our S³ units are designed for group exercise in various facilities such as Memory Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Extended Care, and Skilled Nursing/Post-acute Facilities. Units can be easily managed by staff or video instructions, and when not in use, the devices stack together conveniently for space-saving storage.

  • Injury Prevention & Assistance: The S³ units come with a 600-pound working capacity, enabling residents to self-transfer from supine-to-sit and sit-to-stand positions. This feature minimizes the need for multi-person transfers and reduces caregiver strain, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience for residents and staff.

  • Therapeutic Benefits: Therapists refer to our S³ units as "portable parallel bars". These units can be utilized for 1-on-1 sessions to perform evidence-based balance, strengthening, and flexibility exercises. They're designed to reduce falls and pain while enhancing independence and the quality of life for residents.

  • Marketing Tool: The S³ unit can also serve as a powerful marketing tool. Demonstrate to potential residents and their families, and healthcare providers the commitment of your facility to providing advanced and thoughtful care that will lead to a better quality of life. 

  • Comprehensive Support: Each S³ unit purchase includes complimentary access to our S³ staff training portal and exercise library. Additionally, we provide unlimited staff support for 30 days post-purchase to ensure seamless integration of our product into your facility.

  • Progressive Therapy Classes: S³ offer a range of physical therapy-based classes, updated annually and graded from easy to challenging. These classes are designed to reduce falls, enhance strength, and promote independence among all residents, from those recovering post-surgery to active athletes. click here to learn more.